If you, or your child is suffering because of a terminal  diagnosis, or your baby was born sleeping your family is eligible for a donated (no cost to you) family photography session.

Your family will receive minimum 5-10 digital images from your photographer via an online gallery. You will coordinate the best date and time that is suitable for both parties for your session. Depending on physical limitations of the recipient, photos can be done at home, or in hospital. If time, and physical abilities allow you could also choose a park or other setting, this you would discuss with your photographer. After your session expect 2-3 weeks wait (unless otherwise discussed with your photographer) for your images to be finished. You will receive an email with the link to your own private gallery. We highly recommend you download these images and back them up in a safe place. We will never use images without your written consent.

Most of our sessions are scheduled within two weeks of the received application, provided a photographer is available and the time sensitivity of the request. However, that being said most baby sessions are sooner, or even the same day.

A terminal diagnosis for you,  your child or spouse changes every aspect of your life. We understand the emotions and hardships you may be feeling as you fight this battle together. We want you to have photos to cherish forever and for the process to be simple and a blessing.


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