With your donation it makes it possible for us to continue to serve families in need.

how to donate

If you’d like to write a check you can send it to:

Light the Shadows Project Inc
107 Trudell Bay
Winnipeg MB

Email money transfers can be made to 

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Photo Books

When a family doesn't have internet access, or email they are mailed a photo book with their images. $125 covers the cost of a photo book and the shipping for a family to keep forever.

Donate Time

Are you a photographer? An event planner or do you have something that you think you can contribute to LTS, please contact us at


Your donation goes towards education for volunteers and medical staff as well as awareness. When we educate medical personnel about LTS they can be advocates for their patients and inform them of the service.

Cross Country Awareness

Statistics show that:
-6 of every 1000 live births are stillbirth
-4 in 1000 infants pass every year (
-290 adolescents (aged 15-29) die of cancer every year
-Every hour in 2019 25 Canadians were expected to be diagnosed with cancer. (

Every year we take 14 trillion photos, you know someone that's passed, maybe someone whose been affected on a closer level than you by these statistics, or you yourself... photos are the one thing you can never take away.

Donate and make a difference

Your donation will go towards the continuance of the project, photo books for families to hold their memories of their loved one...