Absolutely! Donations help us to continue to provide this service to families. We do have (minimal) expenses as we are run on a volunteer staff, but we definitely appreciate any and all donations. You can call, email us for more information on donating. We’ll have a donation page up very soon. We are also applying for a charity number, we hope to one day issue tax receipts as well, all in good time!

You’ve decided that you want a session, the next step is to apply for it on our site or call us. We reserve these sessions exclusively for people who are diagnosed with a terminal illness (or a loss in the case or a baby) and their immediate family. We will arrange a session date and time with you should you be able to plan ahead, or in the case of a pregnancy where your baby has been given a terminal diagnosis we will go off of your due date, or should you be induced then we’ll work around that date. We’ll keep in contact when it is a pregnancy and once your baby has arrived you, a family member or a medical staff member will notify us that we can come.

This entirely depends on the recipient’s condition. If they are in a hospital or in a home palliative program then we can do the session there, however in rare cases we’ve had recipients who were able to do a park setting, or have received a day pass from the hospital to do a session in an outdoor location. We are able to travel to sessions (within reason) in or around Winnipeg MB. We also offer services to the Boundary Trails as well as Brandon.

This session is free, this is our gift to you during this difficult time.

We do not print photos, but should you have a financial burden or not have access to a computer (or email) then we will print your images for you.

Your gifted session includes images of the recipient and the immediate family. This session does not include any extended family for an extended family session.

Your images will take approximately 2-3 weeks. That being said, should you need a photo or 2 for a memorial service or funeral please let your photographer know immediately and they should be able to provide you with 1 or 2 images in time for the service.

We have a credited volunteer photographers who do our sessions. Depending on availability of volunteers will determine who will come.

Yes, absolutely! We are run by volunteers only so we aren’t available in the middle of the night usually. That being said, it’s never been an issue in the past where we had to come in the middle of the night. If you’d like to have family, siblings or grandparents there try to arrange to come at the same time as the photographer if you’d like them in the photos.

Definitely! Most of our hospital sessions are usually on call. If you know you’re going to want the service the sooner you can notify your photographer the better so they can be sure to be there. You will not be guaranteed photos in an ‘on call’ situation however. As this is a volunteer based program, not everyone is available all the time. We will try our absolute best to have someone there for you.

This is a hard one, this is something you need to decide in your heart is right for you. We know we weren’t put on this earth to do things that were easy, we also know that the families receiving these sessions never asked to be put in their position. This is just one way we can bless them with our talents. We also have an amazing team, and we debrief our volunteers after sessions to be sure they’re in a healthy place mentally. 

Because of the sensitivity and the emotional aspect of these sessions we do allow for shadowing. We will walk you through sessions and train you for them. We will never send you out to do a session unless you were ready.

We are always looking for Area Coordinators in places that we don’t already offer this service. If you are interested in being an Area Coordinator reach out at melanie@lighttheshadows.ca and we can talk about what that looks like. 

Fill out an application anyways and we’ll arrange a phone call. This call will tell you all about the organization, and what being a volunteer looks like. You are in no way expected to volunteer after the call. All volunteers are actually recommended to think about it for a couple of days after our orientation call. And, you can always stop volunteering whenever you need.

Looking to volunteer or apply for a session?